The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful

There’s something good and beautiful in everyday. Even if you think you’ve had a rubbish day or things feel like they’re going wrong, look a little closer. What is the one thing however big or small that has made you smile, or that you’ve seen, heard or felt that’s made things seem a little easier today? Hidden within the busiest, stressful, chaotic and miserable days, is something good. You just have to look. Challenge your negative thoughts, what’s made you feel bad, or upset or angry? Look at things from a different perspective. Think of all the things that have gone well, that have gone right, the things that you have smiled at or enjoyed? It’s easy to think as soon as 1 bad thing happens or not to plan then we just write off the whole day. Go against how you feel and seek to find something positive and happy to make you feel better. Write down how you feel, what’s going through your head. Talk it out to someone, get it off your chest. I’m so lucky and grateful to have so many amazing people in my life. My daughter and my husband will always make me smile and make everything better if I’m feeling rubbish, they are my reason, my everything, my happy place. On the days where I feel rubbish, I challenge my negativity. If I don’t want to go anywhere and would rather shut myself away, I force myself to go out just for 10 minutes, I call it the 10 minute rule. Because I know by going against how I feel, by going out, I’ll feel better,  it in my head I’m not putting pressure on myself as I’m telling myself it’s only for a short time. So I will get out in the fresh air, walk my dog and be grateful for all the good things. Then before I know it, an hour has gone by. I think about everyone who loves me and values me. I think about those people who I love and what they think are my strengths and good points. I listen to my favourite music. I listen to motivational and empowering audios. I do things I know will make me smile. I know it’s hard, but it’s about even on the bad days, pushing your bad thoughts out of the way, and doing things to overcome how you feel. Keep pushing forward. Don’t let your bad thought have the power. Seek the good and beautiful in everyday.

What’s Your Poison?

The word family isn’t just about who you are related to by blood, it’s who comes into your life and never leaves your side. Arguably,  it’s the people who are there for each other no matter what, who love and support each other unconditionally. The people who, when you are with each other, feels like home. A sense of safety, security. Don’t waste your time and energy for people who don’t give their time and energy in return. If there are people in your life causing you pain, turmoil and unnecessary stress, then you have to ask yourself if it’s really worthy of you and your time. People come and go, some may not always be right there with you all the time, but it’s about who is present in your life adding value, happiness and love. Even if you’re just at the end of a message or phone call to each other, it’s people who are there for you in your time of need and who you can be there for in return. For many people, even they’re own family let them down and cause them this anguish. Just because your family are joined by blood it doesn’t mean that other people can’t be just as important to you. In some cases, it’s the people who aren’t ‘family’ that show more love and support than those who are. That’s what determines the true meaning of family. Don’t be afraid to cut the poison out of your life. Know your worth, you know who your true friends are and who will be there no matter what. You can’t people please and bend over backwards causing yourself grief for others who wouldn’t do the same. The people who love you, support you, guide you and have your back through thick and thin are the valuable ones. I’m very grateful and lucky that I happen to be surrounded by a loving family and friends. But not everyone has that. Not everyone can rely on their family. You don’t need to justify yourself or your actions to anyone, if it’s causing you heartache and pain, you don’t need it in your life. Put yourself first. Ditch the drama.

Perfect Imperfections

How many of you look in the mirror and wish that you could change something? How many of you see something you dislike or are self conscious of? I’d imagine quite a lot. I’ve spent years picking myself apart and criticising everything about myself. Constantly self sabotaging and putting myself down. Telling myself I’m not goood enough, I’ll never achieve anything. I’ve totally betrayed myself and abandoned all self respect over the years. Amongst many other things, my legs, for example, have always been the 1 thing I was self conscious about and I’ve hated the most. I used to do gymnastics and dancing so they’ve always been quite muscly. But now, I’m actually growing to appreciate my appearance more and just what the body can do. It’s time to change and enough is enough. Why do we put ourselves down? Why have we stopped loving ourselves? Why do we dislike how we look and wish to look like someone else? Why do we hate when our bodies change? It’s part of life, it’s part of our journey. Lots of us mummies have stretch marks from childbirth etc that I have heard some say they hate and wish the stretch marks would go but in my opinion they represent something truly amazing and beautiful. They represent your journey as a mother carrying a child. How, so many women who have miscarried and lost their babies would give anything to have scars and marks of pregnancy if it meant they could have become a mummy and hold their babies. Or those who have scars that have happened from a life changing surgery or trauma but it shows you are a fighter, a warrior, a survivor. I’m not saying you should be happy about having your scars or how they happened because of course our scars, in most cases, usually aren’t there for a good reason but what I mean is you can’t change what’s happened or the journey you’ve been through but just know where you are now and what you’ve gone through fighting and learn to love who you are going forward. You are an inspiration to many. My point is, don’t get caught up on things you don’t like, yes it can be easy to make small changes to make you feel better. But we need more self love than self hate. For a lot of people it’s a battle of how they look or if they’ve put on weight. Weight is always a huge factor for so many. I know when I’ve put on a few pounds I’ll make small changes to get back to where I’m happier. But it’s not always about weight as such but how you feel in yourself. Weight actually isn’t important it’s just a number. It’s about being happy and healthy and comfortable in your skin. There’s nothing wrong with losing a bit of weight here or there in a careful way if that’s what you feel you need. However don’t let specific things that you don’t like about yourself rule your life and make you miserable. We all have saggy bits, cellulite, wrinkles, marks, moles, lumps & bumps. Embrace who you are and how you look because you’re unique and all of our flaws and imperfections make us who we are and sometimes, what we don’t like about ourselves, others love! Learn to love and accept the lumps, bumps, wrinkles, marks, scars, wobbly bits, muscly bits. They all tell a story and makes us special and beautiful in our own way. We only have one body to live it with! Take care of yourself, be happy and be proud of who you are. There isn’t another like you.


Sometimes it’s ok to put yourself in the spotlight and put yourself first. Life gets so busy and we rush around so much, often feeling like there isn’t enough hours in the day. Don’t over commit, if you need to say no for you then that’s your decision, you don’t need to justify yourself. It’s ok to want time to yourself, to relax, to recharge. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Take time whenever you can to look after yourself and rest. I know it’s far easier said than done, especially being a parent. It’s also ok to have bad days, days where you’re fed up, exhausted, frustrated. But just know that it’s just 1 bad day and write it off, draw a line in the sand and start again the next day. I spend a lot of time working on my mindset and being grateful for all that I have and keeping positive however it doesn’t mean I don’t get bad days. But It’s how I refocus and rewire my mind to start again, to know that my bad days are just rare moments in amongst a million good ones. Even if my depression and anxiety does creep in and take hold, I know it won’t last forever, it’s not completely hopeless and eventually it will pass. Sometimes it’s easy to get dragged down thinking the bad times will last forever but they don’t. Just remember challenges only make us stronger and we can learn from them. Be proud of who you are and where you’ve come. It’s ok to need a little help, it’s ok to feel like you can’t do everything on your own. You’re not superhuman. A wonderful quote- “You can do anything my dear, but not everything” But only you have the power, only you are the only one who can get you to where you want to be. Don’t compare yourself to others. Believe in yourself, look after yourself, love yourself.

A New Dawn, A New Day

Begin each new day as a fresh start, a chance to start again and draw a line in the sand. Look in the mirror, take a deep breath and say “today is going to be a good day, today is going to be better, today something good will happen.” I totally believe in the power of positivity. Don’t get me wrong, some days are hard and it’s difficult to think positively all the time but it helps to start the day in this positive way. Or at least not start negatively. My routine is important to me as it helps me focus and feel better. I exercise in the morning and have good breakfast to fuel my body and mind. But of course I’ve had days where I want to shut myself away. The last couple of days have been like this, where I can’t focus and feel out of control. I feel tense and totally unable to feel relaxed or calm. The sheer sense of panic, dread, fear. I have to do my mindset activities and get myself up and out. Lately I have struggled and found things hard. But it does help me to get outside and breath in my surroundings. This beautiful weather we’ve recently had certainly helped. Think of 5 things everyday that you’re grateful for, that your blessed with. 5 things that make you happy. Do this every day. You have the power to achieve anything. You are unique and stronger than you know. It’s ok to ask for help or to need support. You are not alone.

Moving Mountains

Just take 5 minutes to stop take a moment to appreciate yourself and what you’ve done today to be proud of. It can be anything, anything that you’ve battled with, something small but that seems such a mountain. Something you’ve overcome? Something you’ve accomplished that you didn’t think you could? Maybe you’ve juggled everything from kids, shopping, cleaning etc and done loads of things on a to do list? Maybe you’ve had a really challenging day at work, thinking you’ll never get through everything you needed to? Maybe you’ve just made a start on putting a goal or plan in place? Whatever it is, just appreciate you as a person. We get so bogged down with whatever is going on in our lives and sometimes we may have that feeling of not achieving anything or feeling bad because of things we HAVEN’T done, when really we should be super proud of what we HAVE done. Don’t deny yourself of that value or self worth or accomplishment. We all have struggles, we all have bad days, we all have things we put ourselves down about, we all have days where we’ve not done all that we set out to do and it gets overwhelming when we think of all the negative stuff, but just stop 🛑 and give yourself a proud pat on the back for things you actually have achieved. For some, it could just be getting up to face the day, it could be getting out the house to go for a walk, for others it could be just doing your everyday to day parenting duties, you’re all superheroes, you’re doing the best job in the world feeding, providing for and nurturing your children, sacrificing everything yourself for to ensure they have the best. This is our natural instinct as parents of course but nevertheless we as parents still suffer sometimes and don’t get enough sleep, enough time, probably don’t eat properly when we should. But don’t beat yourself up about things. If you get to the end of the day and feel bad as the day hasn’t gone to plan, just remember you are amazing and are doing great even if you doubt yourself sometimes. Be proud of yourself. Love who you are, appreciate yourself for what you do and every mountain you’ve climbed, no matter how big or small.

Midweek Motivation

Do you ever feel stuck in a rut? Ever feel like sometimes all of your motivation goes? Do you wake up thinking you just can’t deal with the day and you’d rather shut yourself away? Do you have trouble sleeping or find that you wake up a lot and your mind is sooooo active at 3am?!  Over thinking over analysing or thinking about really weird and stupid things that have no relevance at that moment when all you want is to sleep?! Why does your brain do that?! So annoying isn’t it!  We all probably get times where this happens or you’re stuck in a rut and you lose your ‘get up & go’ but It’s normal. It’s ok to lose direction or go off the path sometimes. But it’s how you refocus and get back to moving forwards. We all need a little motivational boost sometimes. What ever is holding you back or making you lose focus or motivation just know these simple things:
*Everybody cries, everybody hurts (wise words REM 😜)
*Don’t compare yourself to others.
*Everyone moves at different speeds and does things in different ways and stages. We are all unique.
*Everyone has bad days.
*Everyone feels crap or feels they’ve made a wrong decision at some point.
*No one is perfect. We all make mistakes.
*Don’t dwell on the past or the negative. Learn from it.
*The people who really love and care about you will be there no matter what, even on your bad days & when you’re feeling down.
*You can’t please everyone, just be yourself.
*The ones who matter will be there.
*Never chase someone for love, attention or affection, if it’s not given freely it’s not worth having.
*Be grateful and thankful for what you have.
*You can’t control everything.
*Have faith and trust that everything will work out.
*Hope is a liar that walks blindly through the fire, Faith jumps eyes wide open over the flames
*Believe in yourself.
You have more power and strength in you than you know.
Learn to love who you are, there is only 1 you.